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Residential Property Management

We’re confident that we’ll provide you with the best asset management you’ve ever had. Galaxy Property Consultants Pty Ltd delivers the highest level of service – every time. We concentrate on property management so stakeholders can have confidence that every aspect of their property is being well managed, giving peace of mind and maximising the return. 

Commercial Property Management

We believe that managing commercial or industrial properties should be seamless for everyone involved. Galaxy Property Consultants finds and amplifies the synergy between Landlords and Tenants so that everyone wins. We deliver industry knowledge with excellent communication, delivering you an amazing outcome. Our goal is to match quality commercial assets with dependable tenants, so owners get the very best out of their investments.

Strategic Planning

We provide a holistic approach starting with an asset management health check. From there we find the efficiencies that other managers may have missed. We also refer the best specialists to make sure your insurance is correct, your leasing is compliant, and your building is compliant and energy efficient. We solve issues before they become problems and find new opportunities to increase your yield and maximise value. We can help reposition your space, negotiate a new lease, and manage every aspect of your commercial property.

Our difference

Galaxy Property Consultants fills a gap in the commercial and residential property sector by providing an agency dedicated purely to asset management. We're here to offer a service that makes owning residential and commercial property an easier and more rewarding experience.

Garry Fetter

Garry Fetter

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, I'm passionate about service and helping my clients build their property portfolio while taking away the stress of the day to day management.

Rest assured Garry will personally handle your account, and you'll not be passed around to junior property managers. Garry prides himself in providing an end to end service, with a single point of contact.

Monika Kuntic
Leasing Concierge

Monika Kuntic

She assists residents with concierge services such as locating cleaning services, dry cleaning, removalist options, the best internet carriers, transport queries or assisting our special overseas students with food options or medical concerns.
Monika solves your repair and maintenance issues by swiftly identifying which trades will be best suited to the particular problem, reducing wasting time and frustration.

Monika is in charge of constructing a professional Condition Report and Routine Inspection Report for each property during the stay.

Annie Cogan
Leasing Concierge

Annie Cogan

Annie supports Garry & Monika with tenant-related matters and problem-solving.


She is a caring and nurturing soul and dedicates herself to making life easier for our wonderful tenants.

Annie is in charge of moving tenants in and out of properties whilst giving thoughtful advice on making this important function operate smoothly.

Sam Obel
Residential Concierge

Sam Obel

Sam supports Garry & Monika with tenant-related matters and problem-solving.

He is in charge of moving tenants in and out of properties whilst giving thoughtful advice on making this important function operate smoothly.

Wayne Schmidt

Wayne Schmidt

We've placed complete trust in Garry and the team to manage all properties. It's stressfree and simple for us and our tenants. Basically, it's set and forget for us, which suits our lifestyle.

Sal Schmidt

Sally McInnes

Garry goes goes that extra mile, ensures I don't have to worry about tenants, rent or property issues. I love that he understands how I like to be communicated with and the frequency.


Paul Meissner

Garry has a genuine passion for the real estate industry and he helped me create a real-estate strategy that understand my specific needs.

Contact Us

Galaxy Property Consultants Pty Ltd

10 Oxley Road

Hawthorn Victoria 3122

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